Lunar New Year Promo



Planning to balik kampung this Lunar New Year? Show everyone a younger you!


Amante is giving away 50 free vouchers for you, your family and your friends to try out our Lunar New Year Promo at 67% off.

[Featuring our NEW Korean stem-cell ampoule!]



Kick off your new year's resolutions with a fresher, youthful look or just indulge in some much needed self care.


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Look better than ever before this Lunar New Year.


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What’s in the promo?


  1. One Hour Signature Warm Oil Therapy

​​A deeply relaxing deep-tissue massage using natural warm essential oils combined with hot stone therapy. Designed to relieve muscle knots, aches and improve blood circulation.


“I’m always experiencing pain in my lower back and tightness in my shoulders due to hunching over the computer the whole day. After going for regular warm oil therapy treatments, my muscle knots have disappeared and the aches and pains have reduced a lot.”


2. 30 Minutes Face Reflexology

An intense face massage centred on stimulating your facial reflex points. Expect to see instant results in the form of a more pronounced V-shaped face, reduced puffiness and reduced eye strain.


“I enjoyed the amazing face reflexology so much. My entire face muscles had a good workout. My skin appears fairer and puffiness is gone. Definitely will be back for more!”



Featuring: Korean Stem-cell Ampoule [NEW]




You’re in luck! As part of our Lunar New Year Promo, we will be incorporating our new Korean stem-cell ampoule to amplify the effects of the face reflexology treatment.

Renowned for its astounding effects on skin brightening and wrinkle-reducing due to faster regeneration of collagen, your skin is guaranteed to look smoother and younger. 


“I’ve never experienced a facial like this before. The ampoule seems to absorb directly into my skin because of the nano-gun they used to spray. It’s only been a few weeks but everyone has been saying my face looks so much fairer and smoother and my pigmentation is almost entirely gone!”



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