Body Shaper Firming Treatment


Your journey to smoother, firmer, toner body and supple skin starts here!


An exclusive tailored treatment to contour the body using unique firm rubber nubs brush to brush the entire body using a pleasant and non-aggressive technique. Amazingly removes cellulite and tones the body by breaking down pockets of fatty deposit. Different strokes of manual brushing stimulate your skin by re-activating the body cellular activity resulting in draining excess fluids and release trapped toxins. Professional Concentrated 24hrs NON-STOP Serum encourage the elimination of body fats. A total body treatment that invigorates, tones and firms the appearance of the skin from rejuvenating effects of Far Infrared. Boosting body metabolism resulting in breaking down trapped fat, waste, cellulite and other forms of toxic substances.


A 90 minutes session stimulates the entire body circulation while tackling tension for a whole-body relief.


Sessions of treatments plan along with a healthy balanced diet and exercise, result with very pleasing results.



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