Signature Warm Oil Therapy


Signature Warm Oil Therapy is a crafted treatment combining hot stone therapy and deep tissue massage. We are using natural warm essential oil to amplify healing effects of massage to enhances the inner well-being by giving deep relaxation and improve circulation.


Let Amante take you on a journey that relax, restore, and revive. This signature body therapy is designed to deliver relaxation and enhance well-being. Soothing the stiff, achy muscle with heat therapy helps to relax and melt away tension, while increasing circulation to back, hands and feet. Meanwhile, deep tissues massage movements returning the body to its optimum condition. A complete treatment that includes legs, arms, back, neck and shoulder massage thereby giving total relaxation for body and mind. 


These combinations amplify the healing effects of massage. A deep tissue massage combined with a hot stone therapy increase circulation and metabolism quicker than using only one style.

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